[ROVERNET - UK] Rover P6B - compression test query

Peter Mitchell peter_m at amnet.net.au
Wed Nov 29 09:41:06 GMT 2006

Hi Netters,

I dropped my P6B off to mechanic near my work today so he could have a good
look at some serious problems that I have been having with an inconsistent
idle and difficult starting.

I asked John, the mechanic, to do a compression test to establish whether I
was facing major problems with a completely worn out engine and high
crankcase pressure. At the same time he fitted new plugs and set the timing.
This sorted the starting problem instantly, but the engine will not idle at
a consistent number of revs - I have had to resort to left foot braking so
that I can keep some throttle on when waiting at traffic lights.

Since the new plugs were installed and the timing adjusted, the car is more
lively under power, and tomorrow we are going to check the carburettor float
level (the carbs have just been overhauled), John feels that the most likely
source of the idling problem will be traced back to the float level.  I am
also going to put in a better oil than I am using at present, and will go
for a Penrite brand suitable for older engines.

Have members experienced these problems with the float level being too high?
My brother is a mechanic (originally a Land Rover apprentice with Faulls in
Perth) and agrees with my mechanic's viewpoint.

For your information the compression test results were:

Cyl	psi
2	125
4	125
6	110
8	100

1	125
3	125
5	115
7	115

Thus the lowest cylinders were no 8 at 100 psi and no 6 at 110 psi.

May I ask those more experienced than I, am I safe to expect a few more
years of modest weekend use, or do I need to start saving for a rebuild?

Opinions would be most welcomed.


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