[ROVERNET - UK] Moving/Towing a P6 Without Road Springs!?

Alan Gale agale at iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 30 01:03:58 GMT 2006

Firstly, Kurt, where are you?
The easiest way to get the springs back on once they have been allowed to 
expand fully and need to be re-compressed is with the mudguards off the car.  
They bolt on and off so this is relatively easy and the time saving is worth 
the effort.
However by the time you read this the new owner will be standing outside the 
garage, I think.
The problem with moving it without the springs is that the wheels would not be 
kept in place and most likely would not be free of the surrounds.
Others may have better information - this is the best I can do.

Alan Gale

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