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>Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 08:42:19 -0800 (PST)
>From: Kurt Graffy <kgraffy at yahoo.com>
>Subject: [ROVERNET - UK] Moving/Towing a P6 Without Road Springs!?
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>This topic is the bane of my existence!...namely the
>front road springs.  I have them out of the car and
>have not been able (with external spring compressors)
>to get them back in the car.  Paul Smith was kind
>enough to send me photos of how he's done it, but I
>obviously missed something as it didn't work for me
>(so far)...apparently the important thing is that the
>spring compressor bolts must be 250mm or less...on the
>compressor I rented the bolts are 287mm.
>So I bought some Grade 8 hardened washers...am using
>them to "shorten" the bolts...we'll find out today if
>that will do the trick...but if not....
>Here's the crunch...I'm being evicted from my home of
>the last 28 years (building sold, new owner wants to
>move into my unit) and I have to have the premises
>vacated by Friday...but in the garage is a P6 without
>any front suspension or front wheels....it also has no
>engine...as that's on the rebuild stand, but that's
>probably not a huge issue...that can be moved.
>So without the front suspension together, I've got two
>rear wheels on the ground, and two jack stands under
>the steel bars in the front jacking points...which
>presumably somehow some towing company will use to
>attach a towing dolly to the car to move it out of the
>garage and to the new garage...except every towing
>firm I called said, one way or another..."No way...not
>without having wheels on it."
>So...I was wondering how it would be to put the
>suspension bits back on ...sans road spring...simply
>in order to be able to roll the car out of the garage
>and onto the tow truck (presumably a flat bed in this
>case) and off the tow truck and into the new
>garage...especially as there's no
>engine/clutch/transmission weight on the front of the
>Am I crazy?...I'm certainly desperate!
I have seen a car with a front wheel missing, fell off I think, up on a tilt 
tray, with a trolley jack supporting where the front wheel was. I would have 
thought you could jack up under the crossmember, push it out of the garage, 
and then have it pulled up onto a tilt tray tow truck. Should not be too 
hard with no engine and transmission.

When my Rover was bogged in the back yard earlier this year I put some wood 
under the rear jacking point, then jacked it with a trolley jack, and then 
pulled it with a strap, to pull the car over. I did this an number of times, 
and got it out of where I was stuck.


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