[ROVERNET - UK] Moving/Towing a P6 Without Road Springs!?

Andrew Moss amoss at xplornet.com
Thu Nov 30 02:49:15 GMT 2006

Hi there,

I would suggest you phone a company with a flat bed truck. The flat bed
turns into a ramp and can be lowered under the frame of the car. A cable
will then be attached to the front of the car and it will be pulled up
onto the bed. The bed is made of thick smooth metal, so it is not a
problem for the frame or the bed while it is dragged. At the
destination, the car is rolled back off the bed on to the road and you
will have to jack the front up again to put it on jack stands.

This is what they do for cars that are in bad accidents where the are
missing the front suspension.  

Hope it helps,

Ottawa, Canada

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