[ROVERNET - UK] Re:Moving/Towing a P6 Without Road Springs

Kurt Graffy kgraffy at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 30 17:16:45 GMT 2006

Thanks to all of the Rover aficionados for all of the

I agree that the towing companies are not trying to be
creative or flexible...they just want to do a simple
point A to point B tow...and dollys and moving in/out
of garages is not simple!

However, the time for research/shopping around is
over..so due to the timing issue (I'll be sued and
effectively fined $15k if I'm not completely vacated
from the premises by 5PM tomorrow)...I'm going with
the putting front end together sans springs...I can
get that going immediately...if I can roll the car out
of the garage, get it onto a flatbed, and roll into
the new garage that's all I need...maybe a 100 feet of
movement total.

At the moment the supension is completely off, as are
the fenders (mudguards) lower strut, upper strut,
shock absorber, pivot arm, steering link, anti-roll
bar, upper link assy.

So in terms of fitting the compressed spring there's
as much clearance as you'd possibly could want...but I
can't get the spring compressed enough to allow
mounting the upper link assy to the firewall
(bulkhead). It's quite frustrating as I've gotten it
compressed as much as one can with external spring
(MacPherson strut) compressors...it's about 12-13
inches compressed vs 17.5 inches released.

So I'll let you know how it turns out...my fear is
that the upper link assy "arm and ball" will damage
the spring cup at at the firewall (it's stuck on the
firewall at the moment)...but I've got to get it out
of there today/tomorrow AM at latest!

Oh...in response to location....San Francisco, CA.

Again, thanks to all for input and
counsel...and..forget to mention...1969 2000TC


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