[ROVERNET - UK] P5 Lamp assembly for sale

McArdle fmcardle at suffolk.lib.ny.us
Thu Nov 30 18:01:11 GMT 2006

Hi Roverneters,

   I'm about to list on Ebay a complete ,new, in the box, rear lamp
assembly for a P5. Lucas part # is 53815, Rover # is 356218. It is perfect
down to still being wraped in the original tissue in the original box. 
This is for the North America dollar area.  I don't know the difference
for sure and the factory parts book doesn't distinguish as to the
difference but it appears to be in the color of the lenses. The lenses on
this unit are both red as is the reflector. 

   I am putting it up as a no reserve auction but with a starting bit of
$100.00. Shipping to pretty much anywhere in the USA will be about $20.00. 
If any out there would like this for $120.00 all inclusive let me know by
Saturday. If I don't hear from any Rovernetters I'll list it on Ebay and
hope for the best.

   I'm doing a new inventory on my rather large group of Rover parts and
as soon as I get it done I'll let you all know. Meantime I'll be posting a
few parts here then on E bay. 

Thanks for your time. 
PeteMcA.    631 725 3921

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