[ROVERNET - UK] Calling Rovernet Brain trust!!!

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Have you had tried readjusting the carb? Moving the needle up has an effect
that is similar to moving the down jet and enriches the mixture. It really
seems like your carb is out of adjustment and the mixture is too lean. Did
you get my previous email?


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Hi Roland
              All the things you mention I have checked and recheck!! Took
the gas tank out, cleaned and sealed it, installed new fuel pump. Had the
distributor out and checked it out, changed the coil, checked the servo,
checked anything that could leak air, checked the gas line from back to
front, all without results. Yesterday just as I was ready to pack it in for
a while I noticed the jet needle had a small ring groove around it, it was
approx 1/8th inch out from base of piston. I adjusted it to be level with
base and indeed the engine ran much better, then the carb flooded, but I
think that was caused by the bottom washer on the economiser being out of
place. If the needle is not the problem, I'm at a loss and don't know where
to look next??? So for the moment I'm staying indoors enjoying the British
Premiership Soccer league on TV
                                                    Regards  Ben.
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