[ROVERNET - UK] Calling Rovernet Brain trust!!!(Tony)

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Sun Oct 1 13:03:07 BST 2006

Hi Tony
           Yes I did receive your first email and in fact I have saved it
for future reference. While I'm not an expert on the SU they are quite
simple and I do understand the basics, the economiser was something new to
me. I wonder why its even necessary, I don't think its used on many other
SU's, at least I have never come across it before. I also understand the
effect the needle has on fuel flow thru the jet, but the reason I tried to
reset it was the small ring groove. I noticed it just below where the needle
disappeared into bottom of piston. I wondered if this mark was actually the
set point for the needle. I reset it to the groove and the engine did indeed
run better, but of course that would have the same effect as pulling on the
choke. The butterfly shafts etc are all new in the last couple of years and
there are very few miles on car since then. I have decided to leave it for a
couple of days, perhaps when I get back to it I may see something I had
previously overlooked. Although I can't imagine what that might be!!I have
tried everything I can think of accept the replacement of the carb itself,
and I can't do that don't have a spare. Nevertheless I doubt the carb is the
fault, something in the carb perhaps, but what?? Off to church in a few
minutes, maybe I'll find an answer there!!grin
Like so many other auto related thing from the past, when I do find the
fault  shall have to kick myself for being so stupid.


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