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roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 23:44:22 BST 2006

--- Slatskars <slatskars at comcast.net> wrote:

> I have had very good luck with Gross Jets. But a
> couple of our local British 
> car repair business people (also good friends) do
> not endorse them because 
> of sticking. > 
> Slats
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> From: "Glen Wilson" <rovercar at comcast.net>
> > I have had Gross jets hang up as well and was
> similarly mystified.
> >
> > Glen
Glen, Slats, my problem may be the fuel itself turning
into sticky varnish. So even the factory needle and
seat would have gotten stuck. A little rap on the
float chamber freed it right up. I'm betting a good
bit of driving and some fresh fuel would fix it right
up. Had to push the car off the ramps today, no
clutch/master cylinder. Now that the kids went back to
college, I sure could have used their muscle! It was
just the wife and I pushing to get it back into the
garage. We are due for some rain this week and the
rubbers still need to be replaced or I'd have a pond
on the new carpets.

  Rover P5

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