[ROVERNET - UK] V8 Engine rebuild query - belated thanks

Peter_Mitchell bpf7akh02 at sneakemail.com
Wed Oct 4 13:43:27 BST 2006

Hi Colleagues,

This is to acknowledge the kind responses received recently when I wrote in
on 21 September canvassing advice on the response that I'd had from an
engine rebuilder to the extent that I should scrap my 70 model 3500 V8
engine in favour of his 3.9 litre rebuilt one.

The input from Franc Buxton, Steve Bridge, Kent Kinard, and David Read, was
all very helpful in reassuring me that perhaps even engine rebuilders can be
motivated by the smell of a sale!  David Read pointed out the link to
Triumph Rover Spares http://www.triumphroverspares.com.au/html/specials.htm.
Dave, when I need to drool, I log in to this site, and South Australia is
not that far from us over here in Westoz for shipping purposes. I don't
think that the TRS prices are too bad and a new 3.9 short motor would be an
excellent headstart to a reliable unit. Franc, thanks for the overview based
on experience that the pinholing mentioned is not as likely as suggested.

Kent, I have printed off your helpful notes on rebuilding issues as they
will be handy when I have the motor pulled down.  That bonnet/hood badge
will be going on as soon as the car comes back from the workshop and can
have its trim put back on for photographs. 

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth WA

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