[ROVERNET - UK] V8 Engine rebuild query - belated thanks

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Wed Oct 4 14:57:09 BST 2006

There is a mob here on South Oz called Whiteline Transport that do 
nothing except freight between our two states.

I have bought both the new 3.9 and 4.6 from TRS in the past.


Peter_Mitchell wrote:
> Hi Colleagues,


> The input from Franc Buxton, Steve Bridge, Kent Kinard, and David Read, was
> all very helpful in reassuring me that perhaps even engine rebuilders can be
> motivated by the smell of a sale!  David Read pointed out the link to
> Triumph Rover Spares http://www.triumphroverspares.com.au/html/specials.htm.
> Dave, when I need to drool, I log in to this site, and South Australia is
> not that far from us over here in Westoz for shipping purposes. I don't
> think that the TRS prices are too bad and a new 3.9 short motor would be an
> excellent headstart to a reliable unit. 


> Kind regards
> Peter Mitchell
> Perth WA

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