[ROVERNET - UK] Power Bulges

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Thu Oct 19 18:04:14 BST 2006

Paul Smith wrote:
> We have no doubt the US govt is just lurking on here, ready to imprison for life anyone who imported one, because they Know some have been...
> and are happy to let many a murderer go...

No worries, mate!

We're going to transport them out of the country as soon as we can find 
a suitable destination.

Oooooo!   Political commentary rears its ugly head on Rovernet, one more 
time. It certainly has been a dry spell.  As far as the USA goes, it has 
at least become statistically verifiable that most Americans don't like 
where we are, what we've been doing or where we've been heading.  
Considering that we have operated under an unchecked one-party system 
for the past six years, it's surprising that more damage hasn't been 
done.  Personally, I'm not yet ready to emigrate, but since we're 
ignoring the Constitution lately anyway, I'm for giving the 
Parliamentary form of government a quick try before throwing in the towel.


This is fun, but my favorite thread has always been the Eisenhower vs. 
Montgomery debate with the "Why did it take you Yanks so long to get 
into the war sixty-five years ago?" chestnut running a close second. The 
ozone hole is a distant third on my list of favorites. Still, much more 
fun than just talking about dull old Rovers...



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