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We have no doubt the US govt is just lurking on here, ready to imprison for life anyone who imported one, because they Know some have been...
but don't know there whereabouts of 1 million illegal immigrants...
and are happy to let many a murderer go...

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Hi John,
What Mike is making reference to are the bulges on the 
Series 2 bonnet and not the scoops we got on the NAS 
3500S.  Mike is in Australia and they didn't get cars with 
the three bonnet scoops....although I have sent several 
sets of scoops in that general direction.  The Series 2 
bulges may serve as reenforcement to a certain extent, but 
they really are stupid and useless, unlike the scoops 
which are essential in all but the coldest climates. 
 Series 2 bulges are found on both fours and V8's.  We 
only got 222 Series 2 P6's in North America and they are 
the rarest production P6.  They are all '71 models and 
most seem to have disappeared.  Hank Manwell has one and I 
am sure there are others.  I had one but it was very 
incomplete when I found it having been stripped of its 
bonnet and doors and left to rot.  There are at least two 
2200TC's in North America now and they are, of course, 
Series 2's, but I know of no genuine Series 2 V8's.  Time 
to confess if you have one.  Surely there are no informers 
for DOT, EPA or Customs on RoverNet.

Kent K.

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