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Thu Oct 19 23:32:45 BST 2006

I rebuilt the servo on my 1959 90 a few years ago and had the same 
situation.  Apparently the friction between the leather, when pressed 
out by the new rubber ring, and the servo case was too great for the 
spring to overcome.  I polished the inside of the case with coarse 
polishing compound and a buffing wheel till it had almost a mirror 
finish, after which it worked as designed (the case had rusted a bit as 
a result of fluid leaking into it from a faulty seal).  Stretching the 
spring a bit might help, too.


Bill Daddis

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> Let us return to Roverdom lest Eric send us all into exile.
> Ruth suggested that I use a P5 type booster on  my P4/100 rather than 
> try to rebuild the older style booster.  When I got down to putting it 
> all back together, I noticed a crack in the retainer ring (large 
> diameter bit that holds the leather seal and rubber tensioner on the 
> servo piston).  I pried on it a little and it broke!  Fortunately, I 
> had a spare piston (but only one).  Has anyone seen this type of failure?
> With the new rubber behind the leather seal and the leather greased 
> liberally, the piston does not slide very well in the vacuum chamber.  
> After depressing the piston by hand (required to center the bushing) 
> a  sharp rap is required to get the piston to return in spite of 
> considerable spring pressure.  Is this normal after rebuilding this 
> type of booster?
> Roveretardedly,
> Kent K.
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