[ROVERNET - UK] Prejudice on the Rovernet..again (possible diatribe enclosed)

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sat Oct 21 18:21:42 BST 2006

geffandjulie wrote:
> Glen, your political commentary is also misplaced, but politics is an 
> accepted blood sport here now. Too bad. Both parties have much to offer. 


Not so happy about being chastised for my political commentary in a 
posting headed "Prejudice on the Rovernet" since your statements were 
certainly much more political than my own. Individuals can apparently 
differ about exactly where political commentary crosses the line into 
prejudice and racism, but I'm not sure any forum needs to be COMPLETELY 
without political commentary. A touch of commentary teaches us about 
each other, while most diatribes just get ignored.

What I said was:  "As far as the USA goes, it has at least become 
statistically verifiable that most Americans don't like where we are, 
what we've been doing or where we've been heading.  Considering that we 
have operated under an unchecked one-party system for the past six 
years, it's surprising that more damage hasn't been done."

I speak up once in a while when it seems like the world is only seeing 
one aspect of America. Unfortunately, the ones doing the most damage are 
not individual private citizens. Saying that "both parties have much to 
offer" is fine, but it is sort of a softball comment that implies that 
it makes no real difference which party's policies become reality. As a 
wise man once said, "You shall know them by their fruits."

Not all Americans are happy with or complacent about what the United 
States government has been doing in the name of its citizens. Tell some 
Iraqi civilians that American politics has become "an accepted blood 
sport" and they would have to be amazed at the irony in the choice of 
words. The stakes are pretty high right now on the U.S. political scene. 
What's going on is not a game or an intellectual exercise in civics. The 
lives of real people the world over are affected by our political 
machinations. Whatever one's politics might be, we all have a 
responsibility to take a stand and do what little we can to steer things 
in the right direction.


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