[ROVERNET - UK] more servo woes

peter king peter at king-co.com
Sun Oct 22 23:53:25 BST 2006

A frustrating day on the Rover farm today. I rebuilt the P5 servo  
yesterday, and installed it today, but the brakes stuck on after  
starting the car. I removed the servo and re-aligned the piston,  
afraid that it was binding. After a second installation, the brakes  
still stick.

The vacuum line valve is operating properly (one-way), no fluid  
leaking past the seals into the vacuum chamber, so at least that  
problem is fixed, but what other problem should I look for? There  
were two small "O" rings in the rebuild kit which I could not find  
any use for. Might I have left something out?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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