[ROVERNET - UK] more servo woes

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Mon Oct 23 00:44:25 BST 2006


Did you test the big vacuum piston to see that it moves freely in the 
cylinder?  You should be able to push the piston in against the big 
spring and the spring force should be enough to return the piston when 
you release the pressure on it.

The assembly of the valves on the side of the aluminum casting must be 
right too -- when you release the brake pedal, the control piston in the 
smaller cylinder should return, causing the valve to close off 
atmospheric pressure and apply equal vacuum to both sides of the big 
piston allowing the big spring to return it.

I can't think what the O-rings would be for...


peter king wrote:

> A frustrating day on the Rover farm today. I rebuilt the P5 servo  
> yesterday, and installed it today, but the brakes stuck on after  
> starting the car. I removed the servo and re-aligned the piston,  
> afraid that it was binding. After a second installation, the brakes  
> still stick.
> The vacuum line valve is operating properly (one-way), no fluid  
> leaking past the seals into the vacuum chamber, so at least that  
> problem is fixed, but what other problem should I look for? There  
> were two small "O" rings in the rebuild kit which I could not find  
> any use for. Might I have left something out?
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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