[ROVERNET - UK] more servo woes

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 23 02:13:58 BST 2006

--- Kent Kinard <kkinard at wcc.net> wrote:

 The engine
> seems 
> too noisy.  I can't remember what Steve's 100
> sounded 
> like, but this one may need the valves adjusted.  It
> is 
> quiet when cold and then ticks when warm.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.
Kent, my P5 is pretty noisy compared to the whisper
quiet P4 I had. The P4 actually ran like a watch. My
P5 has alot of valve clatter as I set them pretty
loose. Doesn't run as smooth as the P4 either.

  Rover P5

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