[ROVERNET - UK] Re: More servo woes - NADA 3500S question

steve bridge slbridge at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 23 20:32:44 BST 2006

The manufacturers most likely never gave a thought to extended duty for the 
cars they were designing, miles maybe, but not the many decades of use these 
cars are seeing. Maybe  one could go to the junkyard with a servo and 
compare. Look at GM products first as they are less expensive to buy new.  I 
have a Midget with a Datsun Transmission. Rivergate says digging through a 
pile of motors in a junkyard is how they came up with that trans for their 
idea to improve the Spriget. It fit perfectly with an adapter on the MG 
mounts and no trimming of the tub for the shifter. You don't want to forget 
to install the speedo cable, though.

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>Subject: Re: [ROVERNET - UK] Re: More servo woes - NADA 3500S question
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>Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
>>Here on Rovernet there has been much discussion of just these kinds of
>>symptoms on P6B's, and it seems clear to me that these P6B remote servos
>>are just fundamentally dangerous as they get old.  At this point, I would
>>feel more secure replacing it with something different, instead of just
>>rebuilding the old piece of crap yet again.  Does anyone out there know of
>>more reliable components that can replace the originals?
>While I would fear for my life to use the word "crap" in reference to the 
>marque we worship, I do like the tone of Geoff's question. For a number of 
>other auto brands, it's fairly common to upgrade or modernize the servo to 
>something less troublesome. A lot of these cars have simpler braking 
>systems, but it does seem like it should be possible to leapfrog over this 
>whole servo issue to something better. I've got a TC now with two servos 
>that haven't moved in thirty years. What a joy it would be to replace them 
>with something simpler and less finicky.
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