[ROVERNET - UK] Re: More servo woes - NADA 3500S question

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Oct 23 19:18:53 BST 2006

Geoff Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Here on Rovernet there has been much discussion of just these kinds of
> symptoms on P6B's, and it seems clear to me that these P6B remote servos
> are just fundamentally dangerous as they get old.  At this point, I would
> feel more secure replacing it with something different, instead of just
> rebuilding the old piece of crap yet again.  Does anyone out there know of
> more reliable components that can replace the originals?  

While I would fear for my life to use the word "crap" in reference to 
the marque we worship, I do like the tone of Geoff's question. For a 
number of other auto brands, it's fairly common to upgrade or modernize 
the servo to something less troublesome. A lot of these cars have 
simpler braking systems, but it does seem like it should be possible to 
leapfrog over this whole servo issue to something better. I've got a TC 
now with two servos that haven't moved in thirty years. What a joy it 
would be to replace them with something simpler and less finicky.


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