[ROVERNET - UK] Shell V Power

Mike Shaddick mikshdik at ozemail.com.au
Tue Oct 24 02:17:14 BST 2006

>I suppose this post is aimed at Australian and possibly New Zealand readers
>but I would be interested if other countries have similar fuel. Here in Oz I
>have been putting Shell Optimax (unleaded 98 octane) with a fuel additive in
>my 1976 P6B auto. I have no complaints and it has been running beautifully.
>However, Shell here (other places as well?) are replacing Optimax with a new
>98 octane fuel called 'V-Power'. Shell describes the new fuel as: "New Shell
>V-Power is a high density, high performance 98 octane fuel which contains
>Friction Modification Technology (FMT). New Shell V-Power with FMT is
>designed to reduce friction in the engine, improve engine performance and
>responsiveness, and give improved acceleration, in comparison with Shell
>Optimax." Shell also produce a 95 octane unleaded fuel. I would be
>interested to hear what other readers use in their P6Bs. Do I really need
>the 98 octane fuel? Or will the 95 octane fuel be OK?
>Ray Wilkins
>1976 P6B
>Melbourne Australia

I have run my P6B on everything from cooking unleaded right up to 
Optimax and BP Ultimate.  For a while, I ran it on 80% (that's right, 
80%) ethanol.  Only thing I did was to retard the timing back to TDC.

The main  problem with the ethanol was cool running, something that 
can be addressed easily.

I didn't get areound to measuring performance, but with our draconian 
speed limits, it was hardly worth it.

I gave up on ethanol because it was hard (not impossible) to source 
cheaply and I got zero interest from Government, the Greenhouse 
Office, the NRMA, the Biofuels Office, my local Rover Owners Club, 
the cane industry or the wheat industry (what wheat industry, I hear 
you cry?).

This was all before folk began to wake up to climate change. 
Prophets without honour and all that.


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