[ROVERNET - UK] Replacement Boosters

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Tue Oct 24 04:06:48 BST 2006

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Interesting.  Most of the same parts (ie. rebuild kits) for the Mk. II 
> Girling are available from Moss for about the same price with far less 
> freight charge.  I think the application is for an Austin Healey 3000 
> through BN7.  The revised piston and seal design would be a huge 
> improvement though.  My recent experience with the Mk. II leads me to 
> believe that they are very rebuildable.  Most of us just don't do it 
> often enough.  It took me forever to figure out which seals went in 
> which direction because the illustrations just aren't that clear.
I rebuilt the MkII (MkIIa?) on my Rover 95 successfully without any 
prior experience with boosters. It worked just fine. I did get covered 
with brake fluid when the big piston finally came out, though.


I got my rebuild kit from a Sunbeam Alpine specialist. I read somewhere 
in the literature that you were supposed to use some sort of castor oil 
to lubricate it. If I remember correctly, I bought some castor oil at 
the local CVS and worked it well into the leather seal. It cleaned up a 
lot and also became more flexible.
> Modern remote boosters are popular with the hot rod crown because 
> engine compartment space is quite limited.  

The remote boosters I have seen are very high-tech hydraulic units that 
cost around $500.


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