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Hi Kent,
  What do you mean: ''Vitesse Spec"?   Is the 4CU the hotwire or the 3.5 EFI 
(SD1) system?

Kent wrote:
>Hi Miles,
>Did you ever get a copy of the Des Hammill book on Rover V8's?  Although 
>there are some inaccuracies, it is a very insightful read.  Good 
>information about the 4CU EFI system also.  If you send Franc Buxton and 
>ECU, he can convert it to Vitesse spec.  It will make a world of different 
>in both fuel consumption (better) and performance even on the federal 
>injection.  I can send Franc an ECU and he can post it on to you.  I have 
>two or three spares.
>You can simply use the 4.6 long block and mount the SD1 front cover and 
>transmission and be done with it (cut the lug off the rear of the crank as 
>previously described if necessary) but be sure your oil pump is not scored 
>and fully up to spec.  Note the compression ratio so you can choose proper 
>heads and gaskets.  You will need to make up a plate to cover the crank 
>sensor hole.
>The "interim" cover has provision for a distributor (the hole is most 
>frequently blanked off like the fuel pump hole on earlier front covers) but 
>can be drilled out.  This is a precission operation for a machinist. This 
>front cover used the new style crank driven oil pump.  I think only the 
>last 4.2's and early Disco's actually used a distributor. This front cover 
>will match the long nose crank, but you will also need the matching 
>crankshaft pulley.  There are several different damper/pulley combinations 
>and the best is (again) the long damper from the 4.2 which has both a 
>serpentine and a V-belt groove.  The crank pulley from the 4.6 will not 
>work as it sits too close to the front cover to drive the water pump on the 
>interim cover.   This conversion is well worth the effort, though.  If you 
>can't find an interim cover, I have two and probably won't use the second 
>one.  I still owe you (or Ron or Edward?) for the door skin.
>Kent K.

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