[ROVERNET - UK] eBay P5 near Philly

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Sep 3 08:01:38 BST 2006

There's a P5 on eBay item 290023928705.


The owner is a decent chap that I visited with several years ago. I have 
some detailed pictures of the car. A friend of his is selling it for 
him, and I sent him a message asking that he include some information on 
the rust situation. I want it to go to someone who knows it had some 
rust and who is willing and able to put some real cash into restoring 
the car. It will definitely need some welding, but it's a very straight car.

It was repainted some years ago. I believe it belonged to someone who 
worked in New York City for the United Nations. When I looked at it, I 
thought that the leather interior could probably be salvaged. This car 
is definitely worth saving.

I would jump on it myself, but I can't really afford to do what needs to 
be done, and I have also decided not to buy another RHD car for use in 
the States. But if I didn't already have two kids in college, a 1967 
Ferrari P4 and FDR's coracle in my back yard, I would definitely go for it.

What a handsome car.


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