[ROVERNET - UK] Gas tank Question.

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Sun Sep 3 22:04:13 BST 2006

Hi Folks
            The 1967 P5 Mk 3 has been picking up dirt in the fuel lines and
carb so I decided to remove the tank to have it cleaned and sealed. After
getting it out and removing the pick up pipe inside the tank I discovered
that a small gauze tube shaped filter had fallen of the end of the pipe. The
pick up pipe has a large outer metal pipe and a smaller plastic inner, the
latter is for the reserve fuel . The little filter tube slides over the
small plastic pipe and is snug to the inside of the metal pipe. Now, if you
are still following me, here is my question. What can I use that will ensure
the filter stays in place when I re-install it in the tank. I have thought
of a product available here in Canada called "Seal All", it will fix small
pin hole leaks and such, but not sure of its lasting qualities. Perhaps
there is something better available???Looking for
                                               Thanks  Ben.
PS any recommendations on products good for sealing the inside of the tank

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