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Mon Sep 4 01:42:02 BST 2006

There is (if I recall right) a lower cranking amperage with the marine 
batteries but you are very right about the charge cycling...they tend to 
last longer than a conventional battery and for a seldom used car it might 
just be the way to go.

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> Hi, this may have been answered before, but has anyone
> installed a Marine battery in their car? What are the
> down falls to this. Reason I'm considering this is
> that since my car sits so much, I may add the battery
> tender which I just freed up from the sale of one of
> my motorcycles. The Marine battery can take many
> charges and discharges and would work well for my
> application I feel. Any comments? Thanks all.
> roland
> (tired of buying batteries for the stored car).
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