[ROVERNET - UK] Gas tank Question.

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Hi Ben...

 why would you not just leave that troublesome filter off...instead put in a 
good inline filter that you can get at easily and change when necessary.

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> Hi Folks
>            The 1967 P5 Mk 3 has been picking up dirt in the fuel lines and
> carb so I decided to remove the tank to have it cleaned and sealed. After
> getting it out and removing the pick up pipe inside the tank I discovered
> that a small gauze tube shaped filter had fallen of the end of the pipe. 
> The
> pick up pipe has a large outer metal pipe and a smaller plastic inner, the
> latter is for the reserve fuel . The little filter tube slides over the
> small plastic pipe and is snug to the inside of the metal pipe. Now, if 
> you
> are still following me, here is my question. What can I use that will 
> ensure
> the filter stays in place when I re-install it in the tank. I have thought
> of a product available here in Canada called "Seal All", it will fix small
> pin hole leaks and such, but not sure of its lasting qualities. Perhaps
> there is something better available???Looking for
> suggestions/recommendations
>                                               Thanks  Ben.
> PS any recommendations on products good for sealing the inside of the tank
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