[ROVERNET - UK] Gas tank Question.

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 15:05:02 BST 2006

--- Steven Dibdin <sdibdin at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Roland,
> Have you thought about getting a battery
> conditioner. It's like a low power 
> charger, you plug it into a regular outlet and
> connect to the battery 
> terminals. 

Yep, got a Tender Jr. It will charge till the battery
is fully charged and then "float" charge to keep it
"topped" off. I had this on the motorcycle I just sold
since it's been sitting for two years and the battery
was $80! But, due to my laziness, I forgot to keep an
eye on the water, it boiled out three cells. :-(

> My guess is that it would be cheaper than a maritime
> battery.

I actually do not have a battery for it now as while I
was selling the P6, the battery died the day the guy
was to pick it up. So I took the new battery from the
P5 and installed it into the P6. I've checked at Wally
World and the Maritime battery is around $62. Local
Costco is around $56.

> By the way, are you the Roland up the road in
> Montclair?

Montclair? as in East Oakland CA? I knew of one in
Benicia or Martinez CA that was the sister of my car.
It was white and mine was grey. Funny enough, I don't
live too far from where that one was stored and mine
was closer to him than to me, funny huh? :-) Both of
us had to tow them, in opposite directions no less! He
even swears he saw me the day I was towing it home.
LOL! He was braver than I too. He used a little old
Toyota truck to haul it home. I used an Astro van with
a big 4.3L six and I was scared. The P5 is 3600lbs! 

This is Steven with 
> the 'other Rover'

Pictures, pictures! ;-)

> Cheers,
> StevenD

  Rover P5

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