[ROVERNET - UK] Off Post - Peter Brock Killed

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Fri Sep 8 16:29:09 BST 2006

Drew Egginton wrote:
> Ironically it wasn't Peter Brock the Daytona Coupe designer that was 
> killed... although this Peter Brock was driving a Daytona Coupe!
> Andrew E
You know, when I was reading about him on the web, I thought there might 
be some confusion there, mainly because he was born in 1945 and would 
have been PRETTY young when he worked with Harley Earl let alone Carroll 

This was, however, the Peter Brock who was involved in the Datsun racing 
program, correct?

Was he driving one of the original Daytona Coupes?  If memory serves, 
there were only six of them to begin with, although someone built up 
another from original parts.


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