Nick and Laurie Hand flynp170 at cablelynx.com
Mon Sep 11 01:41:13 BST 2006

Hi Creig, I have two in Oklahoma one a good driver and one complete for
parts. Don't think yours has much value to anyone. Nick          "My name is
Creig Houghtaling.  I'm new to this list.  Last week I became the
proud owner of an SD1 3500.  (I've got my tongue in my cheek here.)
Actually what I have is a hulk that is heading to the crusher.  It does have
a few parts that might be useful to someone.  But I can't seem to find
anyone in the US with an SD1.  So I'm beginning to think these parts don't
have any value and might as well be crushed.  Does anybody on this list have
any idea how many SD1s there might be in the US?  Does anybody know of any
web sites where I can put an ad for these parts for somebody in the US who
might be interested in rescuing some parts?"

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