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roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 11 04:30:46 BST 2006

--- Ali Al-Abbasi <alialabbasi at hotmail.com> wrote:

 What kind of primer
> do you have on the car? 

Wish I knew, the body guy charged me alot for it. Said
it cost alot. I know he put down a black base and then
the grey on top to see the high and low spots. Do not
know the brand though.
> If it's been taken down to bare metal , you may have
> an etch primer on there 
> that you would need to add another primer on.

I was just going to wet sand it and spray it. :-)
> If you have a decent size compressor and a few
> hundred dollars to spare, I 
> would try it. 

I have a 1hp with a 3 1/2gal tank. Thought I'd do the
car in sections. And since I'm doing a two tone, only
half the car needs to be done at any given interval.

Worse case scenario is that if you
> mess it up completely, you 
> can always take it back and pay a pro to do it
> again.
That's a good point. 
> 2)You need a decent HVLP gun with a small tip for
> the base coat, clear and a 
> bigger tip for the 3)primer.

A friend has the gun already to loan to me.
> 4)You need good ventilation and a mask (else you
> could kill yourself)

I have a respirator mask, not certain if I can find
fume rated cartridges for it though.
> 5)You need a filter on the air line to remove
> moisture.

Yep, will do.
> 6)You need to do some research on technique , I
> bought a DVD

You mean I can't get that from the local j/ds? ;-)
> 7)You need to decide on what kind of paint your
> going to use and price it up 
> (stick with a system).

Yes, will stick to a quality paint. My friend says
alot of the newer paints are my painter friendly.
> 8)Prep work is 80% of the job.

your 100% right.
> 9) Paint is not just poisonous, its also very
> flammable.
I'm thinking of buying a "portable" tarp garage just
for painting purposes outside in the driveway for my
paint booth.
> I'm sure that there's more that other members can
> tell you but these are 
> some of the things that I've been trying to put
> together.
> All the best
Thanks Al and to you.

  Rover P5

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