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Mon Sep 11 04:10:11 BST 2006

Hey Roland

I'm thinking of doing the same. What kind of primer do you have on the car? 
If it's been taken down to bare metal , you may have an etch primer on there 
that you would need to add another primer on.

If you have a decent size compressor and a few hundred dollars to spare, I 
would try it. Worse case scenario is that if you mess it up completely, you 
can always take it back and pay a pro to do it again.

I've been thinking about doing the same thing and this is what I've found 
out since my research.

1)You need a decent size compressor,  else your not going to be able to 
paint a complete car.
2)You need a decent HVLP gun with a small tip for the base coat, clear and a 
bigger tip for the 3)primer.
4)You need good ventilation and a mask (else you could kill yourself)
5)You need a filter on the air line to remove moisture.
6)You need to do some research on technique , I bought a DVD
7)You need to decide on what kind of paint your going to use and price it up 
(stick with a system).
8)Prep work is 80% of the job.
9) Paint is not just poisonous, its also very flammable.

I'm sure that there's more that other members can tell you but these are 
some of the things that I've been trying to put together.

All the best


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> Hi folks, it's about time I painted my Rover P5. It
> must have been at least 4 years since the car has been
> on the road. It's been stripped to bare metal and
> primered, but still needs block sanding to take down
> the high spots. Since my bodyman is no longer in
> business, no one really wants to paint a car with
> unknown primer and guarantee the work. Soooooo, I
> wanted to ask the collective minds of experience here
> if I should just paint it myself, or just send it off
> to Maaco for a quick spray and fix the bodges if any.
> ;-)My friend is trying to convince me it's no that bad
> since he's paint his 1968 Nova like 15 years ago!
> Well, I'm alot older now and don't want to inhale a
> bunch of noxious fumes and we aren't painting an
> Isetta! What do you all think? Those that have painted
> your own cars, what prep and problems did you have?
> Did you end up sleeping in the dog house after the
> paint smells chased the family out of the house? Has
> the color of you car finally washed out of your
> kitchen dishes? Thanks all.
>      roland
> DL650
>  Rover P5
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