[ROVERNET - UK] Automatic w. OD for P6B - Aussie contributor fesses up - still in overdrive mode

Peter_Mitchell bpf7akh02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Sep 14 13:13:47 BST 2006

Hey Kent and Netters,

The contributor looking at the 700R4 was almost certainly me, nearly three
years ago. I have all of your responses of the time printed out and in my
Rover 'future transmission' file.

I've not made any more progress other than keep reading up on overdrive
conversions, and within 100 metres (328 feet) of where I work is a loose GM
overdrive auto transmission, and as I know the owner I hope to borrow it and
try fitting into a shell; a few club members have them. Regrettably, I sent
my own spare shell to the crusher, and it was stored maybe 30 metres (98
feet) from the tranmission I speak of! An unrequited union so to speak.

A source of funds is beginning to appear for rebuilding my spare engine, and
this could coincide with a marriage to an overdrive tranny. (This
information is highly classified)

With this in mind I'll make enquiries tomorrow of the V6/60 type case and
report back pronto.

Kent, we gearloose Rovernutters would be really pleased to hear of the
outcome of your research re the small case box fitting into your spare

Kind regards from Oz

Peter Mitchell
Western Australia
33% of the country, 10% of the people


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Dear Netters,
 From time to time the subject has come up both on and off Rovernet as to
the availability of an Automatic with Overdrive transmission to replace the
BW35 in our P6B's.  One of our Aussie contributors (I'm sorry I can't
remeber just who) mentioned he was trying to fit a 700R4 GM trans.>snip

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