[ROVERNET - UK] Automatic w. OD for P6B

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Wed Sep 13 20:38:26 BST 2006

Dear Netters,
 From time to time the subject has come up both on and off Rovernet as 
to the availability of an Automatic with Overdrive transmission to 
replace the BW35 in our P6B's.  One of our Aussie contributors (I'm 
sorry I can't remeber just who) mentioned he was trying to fit a 700R4 
GM trans.  My response at the time was that I was afraid that the 
bellhousing for the 700R4 was too large to clear the firewall on the 
P6B.  The firewall and trans tunnel are notoriously tight on the P6B anyway.

As a followup, I thought I would pass on to you a conversation I had 
this morning with Mark at D&D.  I had noticed some time ago that they 
offer a kit to fit the 700R4 into MGBV8 conversions but upon looking 
more closely at the picture on their website, I noticed that the trans 
they have fitted uses the V6/60 type case which is considerably slimmer 
in the bellhousing area than the V6/90-V8 type case.  I took out a V6/60 
GM stick shift bellhousing (S-10/Camero) and tried it in an empty P6 
(four cylinder)base unit where it had sufficient clearance at all 
points.  I don't have an "empty" P6B engine compartment here in Sterling 
City, but I do have one at Medina.  If I can obtain a junk small case 
700R4 before the end of the month, I will make a trial fitting and 
report my findings. 

This information applies to the last 700R4's before the switch to 4L60E 
computer controlled models.  D&D offer a turnkey kit complete with 
uprated (to V8 spec) small case 700R4, all adapters, related parts, and 
a Lokar shifter. 

However, the adapters are available separtely for $475.  These include 
the trans-to-block adapter plate, a pilot spacer that bolts to the 
crank, a secondary flexplate (similar to the setup on ZF22HP equipped 
Range Rovers) that joins the pilot adapter to the 10" 700R4 torque 
converter, and a glassfibre lower access cover that fits below the 
torque converter between the trans case and the engine. If you choose 
the do-it-yourself route, in additon to these four items, you will need 
to purchase or supply your own Buick 215 flexplate, GM type TV cable, 
small case 700R4 transmission, shift linkage, B&M converter lockup kit, 
and gear reduction starter (a conventional starter nose will not clear 
the adapter plate).  I am very slow, so if you wish to get ahead of me 
on this, you can email mark at aluminumv8.com

Are the 700R4 cases available in Australia the V6/60 or V8 type?  Has 
any more work been done on the Aussie 700R4 conversion?

Kent K.

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