[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Leaking Power Steering

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Wed Sep 13 19:45:11 BST 2006

Hi Pierre,
It's been some time since this question came up.  We only 
got the CamGears rack as a replacement part in North 
America and I have only seen one in any of the fourteen 
SD1's I have owned.  I was told ten years ago to save the 
rack because it was the most easily rebuilt of the four 
types we saw (Alford & Adler, AdWest, and Burman being 
more common).  Supposedly, Volvo used CamGear racks at 
some point  in time and the companies who rebuild those 
Volvo racks should have the parts in stock.  I would think 
the rebuild kits from Rimmers would be correct also since 
only the housings should be "right" or "left" handed.  Of 
the used racks I have in stock, all but two are Burman. 
 One is the CamGear and the other is an Alford & Adler for 
which I have a rebuild kit.

Kent K.
Sterling City, Texas

On Wed, 13 Sep 2006 20:10:40 +0200
  "pj.info" <pj.info at bluewin.ch> wrote:
> Dear Rovernetters
> I already replaced once a leaking Cam Gears power 
>steering rack (OEM part CRC 
> 4519) in my late SD1 (LHD) with a reconditioned one 
>which is now also 
> leaking. It appears that there is no LHD rack available 
>anymore at this time 
> at Rimmers' and therefore I'm wondering if
> - there is some other place (possibly Europe) where such 
>racks could still be 
> available?
> - if the rack has to be reconditioned down here in 
>Switzerland, is the sealing 
> kit for Cam gears (GSV1123 - Rimmers') the right one for 
>a LHD rack?
> - how to figure out if the valves are ok or if they have 
>to be replaced too 
> (Valve repair kit - Cam gears - GSV1124 - Rimmers')? If 
>yes, is the latter 
> kit ok for a LHD rack?
> btw. approximately what amount would you expect for a 
>rack reconditionning 
> (seal replacement)?
> Thank you very much for your answer.
> Best regards,
> Pierre.
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