[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 TC no fuel...

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 18 05:29:55 BST 2006

Firstly, take all safety precautions with

A large bag of Kitty Litter for spills.
Fire extinguisher nearby (I have 2 in the garage).
Containers to catch the fuel.
Rags or paper towels.

I have one of those inline gasoline siphons and 2 off
5 gallon red gas cans/tanks.

Check the fuel gauge and siphon most of the gas into
storage tanks (better than on the floor of your

There are two thick fuel lines running from the tank. 
One line is the reserve and one line is the main feed.

You can undo the connection where the lines attach to
the reserve switch and be sure the gasoline can flow
easily out when held low down and into a container. 
Gasoline should flow easily out of each time.

The reserve line come from a feed at the bottom of the
tank but is protected by a nylon screen.
The main line draws from higher up and has no screen.

You could have debris in the tank which is blocking
the pipes or the debris may be trapped in the main
line as it may have got sucked up and into the pipe in
the tank.

You can undo the connections at the tank and blow air
into the line (hand pump?)  (garage air?)  (portable
air tank filled at a service station?).  Perhaps you
can blow out any strange material.

I believe you said that you tested the operation of
the fuel pump and it is pumping.

Another test is to remove the connection where the
fuel feed enters the top of the front float bowl. 
Place the fitting end into a tin or unbreakable
container.  This test assumes the fuel line are
connected to the reserve tap again.

Use the hand lever at the bottom of the pump to pump
fuel into this tin.  You should see a good flow each
time you pump.

Hope that gives you some more ideas.


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