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I recently rebuilt the brakes on my 74 MGB and had difficulty in bleeding 
the front brakes using a Mity-Vac unit. After I bled them the old way, I 
remembered an old trick that can really help. Remove the bleed screw and put 
a little grease on the threads and then re-install. This give a better seal 
around the threads, reducing the amount of air entering at this point.

I too have had difficulty when bleeding a clutch system and solved it by 
hooking a pressure can to the slave cylinder and feeding the fluid in that 
way. Removes the air by pumping from the bottom up.

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> Thanks Eric,
> Worth a try. It's certainly much better than before. The cluth would 
> engage by itself while parking etc, so at least now I can control the car 
> more effectively. I'll try one more bleeding session with a self bleeder 
> and double check my adjustments. It's pretty good now, I'm just worried 
> about reliablity of the unit for the future.
> Cheers,
> StevenD
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>>That sounded like a challenge.
>>My method for bleeding the clutch system sometimes
>>involved keeping all the hydraulic pipes connected but
>>unbolting the clutch slave cylinder and lowering it
>>toward the ground.  I also have a self-bleeding screw
>>on the slave cylinder so I attach the rubber adapter,
>>the plastic pipe, and the nylon collection bottle to
>>the slave cylinder.  Then I go inside the car and pump
>>the clutch pedal about 10 or 12 times.
>>Then I tighten the bleed screw on the slave, undo my
>>fluid bleeding gear, rebolt the slave cylinder to the
>>gearbox, and adjust the actuating arm to
>>Then, I have no trouble with the clutch.
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