[ROVERNET - UK] It Runs! It Runs!

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Tue Sep 19 02:06:34 BST 2006

Dear Netters,
I must share my joy!  After two years and a misbegotten 
 3L7 transplant, the P4 is alive again.  Fired her up 
today and the engine, originally out of one of Ted 
Schumachers low mileage Ohio P5 rust buckets, ran like a 
Swiss watch. (After a carb overhaul and moving all the 
plug leads one position clockwise on the distributor cap.) 
 Timing it from scratch was just a matter of following the 
shop manual.   Much yet to do, but finally making 
progress.  Even the color doesn't look too bad today. 
 (light grey upper, pine green lower)

A round of Guinness on me!!!  (Buy your own.  Send me the 
label and the tab.)

Kent K.

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