[ROVERNET - UK] SD 1 Rack Boots

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Wed Sep 20 17:47:02 BST 2006

Nick and Laurie Hand wrote:
> Well I'm through with the HEI conversion. Now it runs I better replace torn
> rack boots. Does anyone have a USA source? It is a 1980. Thanks Nick

I bought a set of steering rack boots with hardware from The Roadster 
Factory near Pittsburgh, PA. They are Triumph specialists who have an 
excellent reputation out here. They assured me that these would fit my 
US-market SD1, but I never fitted them before selling them a couple of 
months ago on eBay. I think the set was only about $20 or so from TRF.  
It was marked Austin/Rover BAX2189. You might want to give them a call. 
They seem like good people and would probably work with you on this. I 
don't know about specific applications or if the different racks used 
different boots. I'd trust Kent's advice on this, but I'm not sure I'd 
trust Rimmer to get you the correct parts based on past experience.


*The first bag contained the two gaiters and a second package contained 
various clamps for securing the ends of the gaiters. Two of the included 
pieces look like wires about 7" long with eyelets at the ends. I don't 
know if these are retainers for the big ends or are installation aids, 
but my supplier also included two large clamps that look like they are 
the right size for the big ends.

*Manufacturer: *Austin / Rover*

*Part #: *BAX2189*

*Description: *Steering Rack Gaiter Kit*

*Applications: *Rover 3500 SD1, Triumph TR8 TR7


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