[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 Tc no fuel sorted & abrakequestion.(Extendedbabbling.)

Gavin.Walker at csiro.au Gavin.Walker at csiro.au
Thu Sep 21 01:12:18 BST 2006

Underneath the air valve is a hydraulic piston (Eric very familiar with
this one).  When the brake pedal is depressed the piston is pushed up,
opens the air valve and lets air into the booster to apply boost.  When
the piston seal is faulty, fluid slowly leaks past the hydraulic piston
and the piston falls (is pushed) back down.  This closes the air valve
and return vacuum to the booster resulting in a hard pedal.  At least
that's my take.  My P6B does this and it does leak just a little from
that hydraulic piston.

Gavin Walker
Canberra, Australia

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