[ROVERNET - UK] tough nut (and more brake woes)

peter king peter at king-co.com
Thu Sep 28 19:18:49 BST 2006

Thanks to all for your replies. I finally managed to get the nasty  
job done, using an impact tool and a modified socket, 1/16 smaller  
than the nut and pounded onto it. I broke the impact tool, but it did  
enough to allow me to swap my torque wrench onto the socket and get  
the nut to turn. Hoorah!! I finished the job this morning and I'm  
back on the road. Good thing, because the '63 P5's brakes just went  
south. I suspect the master failed, because the fluid drained and is  
nowhere to be seen, and when I started the car, a huge plume of white  
smoke poured out. My guess is that the fluid has been sucked into the  
head through the vacuum line. Does this sound right to you?

Time for another rebuild....


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