[ROVERNET - UK] tough nut (and more brake woes)

Vern Klukas vern at inkspotco.com
Thu Sep 28 19:53:19 BST 2006

Brake booster rear seal failure, from the sounds of it. Symptoms are 
exactly correct.


>Thanks to all for your replies. I finally managed to get the nasty 
>job done, using an impact tool and a modified socket, 1/16 smaller 
>than the nut and pounded onto it. I broke the impact tool, but it 
>did enough to allow me to swap my torque wrench onto the socket and 
>get the nut to turn. Hoorah!! I finished the job this morning and 
>I'm back on the road. Good thing, because the '63 P5's brakes just 
>went south. I suspect the master failed, because the fluid drained 
>and is nowhere to be seen, and when I started the car, a huge plume 
>of white smoke poured out. My guess is that the fluid has been 
>sucked into the head through the vacuum line. Does this sound right 
>to you?
>Time for another rebuild....
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