[ROVERNET - UK] Calling Rovernet Brain trust!!!

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Hi Ben,

I have looked at the factory workshop manual, the Wade S. U. book and the 
P6 shop manual in detail.  I think I may have found the problem(s).  Your 
car, as do all NADA P5s, has an economizer (Rover term) or weakening device 
(S.U. term).  This is mounted on top of the float bowl by the center bolt 
that holds the cover on.  This valve system regulates or controls the float 
chamber air vent with ported vacuum. One end of the regulator valve has a 
line going to the top of the SU throttle chamber next to the vacuum advance 
line to the distributor.  At the other end of the valve there is a hose 
that goes to the air cleaner elbow at the carburetor.

Remove and very carefully disassemble this valve.  There are a few, very 
small parts in this assembly so try to remember where they all go.  It 
looks like you will need to soak the valve casting in a good carburetor 
cleaner and use lots of compressed air to give it a good cleaning.  Let me 
know how this works.  jb

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> Hi Guys
>            I need help! The Rover has me stumped (1967 P5  Mk3 Std )
> The car starts and idles okay with full choke on , but once underway I 
> can
> hardly get out of second gear and continue to need choke. >
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