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Just got through double checking all of my SU reference manuals and the HD 
carb needles are set the same way as H or HS fixed needle types. Loosen the 
holding screw and use a straight edge to set the should of the needle flush 
with the bottom of the piston. Retighten the screw and it is set.

I have both the Haynes and Burlen SU workshop manuals, but can find nothing 
in either of them about this economizer valve device that John Burkhard has 
brought into the discussion. Also no mention in either the P-5 factory 
workshop manual or the Autobooks version. I am not familiar with this Wades 
book. Guess that I will have to locate one of those too. That is unless John 
can somehow scan that section onto the web site or is willing to send me a 
copy also. Very interesting. I really like his simplistic explanation of the 
operating principle. I really like the Burlen SU manual as a reference book, 
but I guess they missed that one feature.

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> Hi Folks
>            here is the next installment of the P5 saga!! I have tried some
> of the ideas suggested, the distributor was fine everything working as it
> should. The economiser system was cleaned from end to end, changed the 
> coil,
> but still the same problem existed. I took a second look at the carb 
> piston,
> and wondered if the needle was too long, in other words, not set far 
> enough
> into the bottom of the piston. Its often something we assume is correct 
> but
> possibly the needle could move. That appeared to be the case, so I reset 
> it
> a little shorter and bingo the engine ran much better, could rev up and it
> was quite smooth, just as I thought I'd fixed the problem the engine died
> and the carb flooded. Nevertheless, I think I'm finally on the right 
> track,
> the flooding I think was caused by the lower brass washer on the 
> economiser,
> It does fit the shaft snug because air passes thru this part. Its possible
> the washer was misaligned and leaking air. The pump was ticking 
> continously
> and that must indicate an air or gas leak. Anyway I was too tired to do 
> any
> more today. I'm taking the weekend off and will continue the saga on 
> Monday.
>                                  Thanks for all the help
>                                                                Ben.
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