LAINE Re: [ROVERNET - UK] speaking of...

Glen Wilson rovercar at
Thu Aug 2 02:10:48 BST 2007

Laine Colley wrote:
> I forgot. What does it mean when none of the numbers match? The
> chassis and the block have different numbers. They are both from
> 1960, but the motor # matches the ones meant for local (Brit)
> sale RHD. I found somewhere that this happened sometimes, but
> there is a third # under the hood on the firewall that we have
> found no reference to. 

Subject headings are very important on lists like the Rovernet. A lot of 
people just skim through the subjects and read/answer the one that catch 
their interest. On this one (speaking of...), probably very few people 
even read it.  Try posting it again with a heading like:

P4 Engine and Chassis number help needed...

There are lots of people who love to explain this kind of stuff ad 
nauseum. You might even create a debate. It's always best to give these 
people some meat to work with. List all of the id numbers you found and 
where you found them. If you include the actual numbers, I think you'll 
get a bite.

As far as being a woman is concerned, I don't think that's a big deal. 
Other British car lists I have subscribed to seem to always have a few 
women who are highly regarded for their expertise or just good humor.


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