[ROVERNET - UK] original NADA 3500 S right-hand-drive !

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Sun Aug 5 00:53:44 BST 2007

RoverP6 at gmx.de wrote:
> ebay # 260146092866
> Rudiger
> www.RoverP6.info 

I don't doubt that this seller is legitimate, but if this car is "a 
serious piece of motoring history and exceptionally rare," why not show 
us more than a rusty bumper? It would be interesting to see if the gauge 
cluster and other details were identical

Interesting car, but

"A re-shell is a worthy option..."

If, as suggested in the advertisement, this would also include four 
doors and the sills and floors are full of holes indicating a base unit 
swap, there wouldn't be all that much left of the original car. It could 
certainly be a true restoration and not a replica, if done correctly.

I am fairly certain that if you reassembled a P6 in the United States 
using a different base unit, it would be illegal and fraudulent to 
register or sell it under the trashed base unit's VIN. If memory serves, 
the VIN is stamped into the base unit to prevent just that. Not that 
anyone would really care. If someone did a swap like that and ended up 
with an '82 Buick Regal Grand National or an '87 GNX with a VIN that you 
could trace by CarFax to a totally demolished car, you can bet their 
would be some questions raised.



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