[ROVERNET - UK] P5 Changing Polarity

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
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I have done this on my P4 (years ago).

1.  Flash the regulator (RB340) points once the battery is reconnected.  Remove the cover and press the cutout points in briefly, they may need to be pulled apart again soon after.
2.  Yes electronic ignitions are polarity sensitive.


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Hi,  our friend who just bought that P5 already
mentioned has a question about changing polarity.  Can
anyone help?

Hi Eric:

I have another question for the Rovernet.

My P5 is a positive-ground car.   I would like to
convert it to negative-ground.  Is there a proper
procedure for this?  The fuel pumps have already been
fried by someone (prior owner) connecting the battery
the other way around, so they need to be rebuilt with
negative ground "Chicklets".  The coil and ammeter
wires are easily switched.  However,  if I remember
correctly there is a procedure for re-polarizing the

Someone has installed an electronic ignition but I
don't see any brand name on the black box that was
installed on the firewall.  Do they make these things
for positive ground or maybe it does not make any


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