[ROVERNET - UK] Classic car insurance

S Manwell s_manwell at alum.swarthmore.edu
Tue Aug 14 04:06:39 BST 2007


I used J C Taylor for years, until one day I wanted to insure a 1957 
Morgan 4/4 that had had it's 1200cc engine replaced with a 1500cc engine 
back in the 1960's.  The Plus 4 model sold in the same year had a 2 
litre engine mounted on the identical chassis.   I made the mistake of 
honestly reporting the engine transplant, and suddenly my car was 
uninsurable -- unless I waited a few months for their modified policy to 
become available at twice the premium!  They were so inflexible and so 
completely uninterested in my nearly 20 years of holding a policy with 
them with no claims, that I would never consider doing business with 
them again.

I have had very good service from Grundy Worldwide since then.


James Radcliffe wrote:
> I live in Upstate NY and just thought I would get some input from the group as to which Rover club might provide the best oppertunity to meet other like minded Rover nuts. I live 60 miles south or Rochester NY.  Since my Rover 2000 TC will be registered by the end of the week I thought that maybe I should join a more local club. I am a member of the Rover Car Club of South Australia, however to get classic insurance I think that they might have trouble believing that I am going to use my US Rover for Club activities.
> Also does anyone have any experience with JT Taylor insurance?
> James.
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