[ROVERNET - UK] NAS P6B w.Electric sunroof, Minilites

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Tue Aug 14 23:37:22 BST 2007

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Netters,
> I cannot seem to find any information on metal sliding sunroofs fitted 
> to NAS P6B (3500S).  I have just picked up a car with what appears to 
> be a "factory" fitted electrically operated metal sunroof.  I haven't 
> been able to get it open yet (no battery in the car) so can't see any 
> labels.  It's a really nice installation.  The car also has what 
> appears to be a set of five Minilite wheels or similar.  Can someone 
> tell be how to identify "real" Minilites.  The wheels are very dull 
> like real magnesium.
> Any help or comments would be appreciated.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.

That's a new one on me, Kent. I know a guy who has Minilites on his car. 
He bought the wheels used, and they appear to have been polished, at 
this point.


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