[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Rear Brake Cylinder Kit

vic muscat vic94087 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 15:24:32 BST 2007

Has any SD1 owner on this list found a readily
obtainable rear brake cylinder repair kit which can be
used instead of the Rover kit? I just need the rubber
The bore they go into is 7/8th inch. The ID fits over
a 19/32s  portion of the piston. It is 3/16th wide
(thick). I can't believe someone else hasn't  used
those same dimensions. Unfortunately, I don't have
access to parts manuals which might have a clue.
I ordered a kit from Rimmer last week and they haven't
yet acknowledged receipt of the order. 
About 10 years ago I had the brake cylinders sleeved
with brass. But one of the sleeves had a razor sharp
burr, which I failed to notice, and it nicked the seal
on assembly. It is now leaking.
Thank you for your help,

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